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Be prepared for ice and snow!

Winter Tyres to keep you going.

These tyres are specially designed for winter conditions.

Winter Tyre Comparison

A VW Golf is driven up the same snow covered slope, first using standard tyres then RUD Snow Socks and finally winter tyres to demonstrate the differences.

Winter Tyres

We recommend fitting winter tyres from October to March when temperatures can typically fall below 7°C.

Find out how much winter tyres are for your car and have peace of mind this winter. Please contact us for details.

We stock all fast moving Avon and Cooper winter tyres but make sure you order them in time before we run out of stock.

Where Can I Store My Tyres?

Our Tyre Hotel (storage) is available exclusively to customers purchasing winter tyres from CENTRAL AUTO CENTRE.

£90 annual fee includes 12 months storage and two fitment appointments which alone would normally cost £160.
Tyres are stored on site for instant access and fitting.

5 Reasons To Consider Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres fitted in Orpington, Kent
Frequently asked questions about winter tyres:

Aren’t winter tyres only good when it’s snowing?
Below 7ºC a winter tyre can provide reduced braking distance in comparison with a summer tyre, not only on snow and ice but also on wet surfaces.

How do they work?
A higher proportion of natural rubber and different tread pattern design ensures the tyres stay more supple at lower temperatures.

How much safer are winter tyres?
In wintery conditions almost a fifth of accidents happen as a vehicle skids out of control twice the rate as in the dry. In tests a car braking at 60mph on a wet road at 5ºC stopped 5 meters shorter when fitted with winter tyres, the difference between a nasty scare and a nasty accident.

How many winter tyres do I need?
Tyre manufacturers recommend a complete set of winter tyres is fitted. Only fitting them to the driven wheels can unsettle the car and increase the risk of veering off-course.

Where can I store my tyres?
See details above for our 'Tyre Hotel' storage and twice a year tyre swap service.

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