Central Auto Centre, Orpington garage

Central Auto Centre, Orpington MOT garage


  • Air Conditioning Servicing
  • Re-Gas / Recharge
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • New & Old Systems
  • R12 to HFO-1234yf Conversions
  • Systems with 134A and 1234yf

Aircon Servicing and Repairs

We offer a complete air conditioning service for all cars, including older cars with R12 systems.

FREE A/C System Check

There is no need to make an appointment just drive in and we will carry out a free A/C system check.

Car Air Conditioning servicing and repairs in Orpington

Leak Investigation
Fault Diagnostics
Ultrasonic Cleansing (Removes Odours And Bacteria)
New Car Air-Conditioning Systems (Hfo-1234yf Refrigerant) Servicing
Electric & Hybrid Cars Electric Powered A/C Compressor Systems

Our A/C repairs are guaranteed for six months

If you have another A/C issue within the six month period unrelated to our repair, we will offer a free recharge service to help towards a cost effective repair.

A/C Discount Voucher - SPECIAL OFFER

Aircon Cleaning Offer
FREE ULTRASONIC CLEAN worth £50 with an A/C Service
Print this voucher and present it when you visit to claim your free clean when you have an A/C Service.

A/C Service

R134a - £95
1234yf - £150
Including: Oil, UV dye, Pollen filter check.
Warrantied for 6 months.

Leak Investigation

£40 Fully refundable on completion of our repair.

Ultrasonic Cleansing

£50 Ultrasonic cleansing removes bacteria and associated smells from the air conditioning system. Warrantied for 6 months.

(All prices include VAT)

Air Conditioning re-gas / recharge in Orpington and Bromley

HFO-1234yf A/C Refrigerant

Central Auto Centre is one of the first local garages able to service and repair the new HFO-1234yf A/C systems.

This is the latest environmentally preferred (EU regulations) air-conditioning refrigerant which is required in all new models certified after 1st January 2013.

This service is currently only available from a handful of garages across London and the south east.

Common air conditioning problems

The most common problem customers report about there air conditioning systems is "It's just not getting cold" or "It's not as cold as it was last year".

The system is dependent on the amount/weight of gas, not enough gas or even too much gas will mean the system is not working at full efficiency.

The gas leaks out slowly over time this is best compared to a balloon, over a long period of time the gas will slowly leak out and hence lose efficiency. To rectify this fault the A/C system needs servicing which is also called Air-conditioning Re-gas or A/C Recharge.

Electric and Hybrid Car Air-Conditioning systems

We can service Electric and Hybrid Car A/C systems. Some hybrid vehicles use air conditioning compressors that are operated by an electric motor instead of a drive belt, because of this they use a different compressor lubricating oil which doesn’t conduct electricity. It is important that there is no cross contamination when working on these cars to reduce the risk of a high voltage shock if the compressor was to fail in such a way or even cause the A/C system to fail when the incorrect oil is used!

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